Who We Are

The United Distribution Group, through its subsidiary companies, United Central Industrial Supply and GHX Industrial, is one of the largest distributors of industrial supplies in North America. The United Distribution Group is a leading provider of specific and general line products, custom hose fabrication, and factory-authorized repair and maintenance services to energy-related industries, including: oil and gas, mining, power generation, petro-chemical, agriculture, marine and various other related industries. With 62 locations, 2,100 manufacturing partners, and 140,000 line items, the UDG family of companies has strategically positioned itself to continue to build upon its unique set of strengths and assets developed over several decades.

Our Point of Difference

The United Distribution Group has carefully assembled a team of highly trained employees and product managers whose entire focus and commitment revolves around providing customized solutions in specific, high-demand product categories. They are nationally recognized for their expertise in product category management, customer product training and service, suggested preventative maintenance, downtime reduction, and throughput/production maximization.

Our value added services include custom hydraulic and industrial hose fabrication, customized gasket fabrication, electrical, cable, safety and material handling product solutions as well as factory authorized repair services and customized down-time reduction/throughput production advisory services.

Our depth and breadth of major product lines includes cable, electrical, safety, hydraulic and industrial hose, gaskets and material handling products. With 62 locations, The United Distribution Group provides an un-paralleled commitment to serving the energy industry.



The United Distribution Group

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to The United Distribution Group (UDG). As a market leader and one of the largest distribution and value added service companies in North America, we offer more than 140,000 line items manufactured by 2,100 plus partners and ship to thousands of customers on a daily basis.

UDG was recently named to the prestigious top 50 industrial distributors list by Modern Distribution Magazine that ranked UDG 22nd on the 2016 Market Leader List.

Our footprint, coupled with more than 700 employees and unmatched logistics capabilities puts us in the unique position to provide The Right Products - At The Right Place - With The Right Support to our customers on a daily basis.

Our ever growing and expanding list of business units serves a vast array of industries including mining, gas & oil, power generation, rental and construction, pulp & paper, chemical, marine, agriculture, OEM, transportation, food processing, primary metals and pharmaceutical.

I invite you to visit our website – www.udginc.com – to learn more about UDG and its array of products and services.

On behalf of all of our employees, we sincerely welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the benefits, services and capabilities of The United Distribution Group and our subsidiaries.


Darrell Cole Signature

Darrell H. Cole
President and CEO
The United Distribution Group